DTCH vibe is a 100% Dutch brand, for stylish vibrant young men – young in body or spirit – who want to show who they are, where they’re from and that they feel part of the Dutch vibe. Whether it’s at Ibiza’s legendary parties, at the summer’s hottest festivals, out at cafes with friends, working out in the gym, making some noise in the stands at the World Cup or just another day at school or at work – the DTCH vibe man is proud of where he comes from, wherever he is going.

Founder of DTCH vibe is Stefan Burm, entrepreneur and enthusiast of parties and festivals. A man who understands that a fine party or a relaxed getaway, preferably in the vicinity of the Mediterranean, is the perfect outlet for daily stress and the hectic schedule of a busy job. On one such holiday, Stefan noticed that clothes that show where someone comes from are usually not particularly stylish.

“It’s nice to show that you are Dutch and to recognize other Dutch people. You look for each other and then a Dutch vibe arises. I wondered why there are no stylish, slim cut shirts, with great graphics and outstanding quality which also show that you are proud to be Dutch.

With an orange football shirt or a cheap and shapeless T-shirt from a souvenir or party store, you really don’t make an impression. Of course you want to show that you’re Dutch, but you also want to show you have taste and pride. That’s how the idea came about for DTCH vibe: where pride meets fashion.”


DTCH vibe is a tribal brand, which combines pride with trend-setting high-end street fashion for young men with an eye for style and a taste for high quality. But most of all, DTCH vibe wants to connect. We do this with a stylized Dutch lion, as the symbol of strength and pride. We emphasize that even more with a strong, masculine cut with a tight fit. Show off what you’re proud of!


As well as pride, comfort and quality are important to us. Our T-shirts are made of the highest quality elastic cotton, with stylish rubber prints, because we want a shirt to not just look supremely cool, we also want it to keep looking cool in every conceivable condition – even when you let yourself go and party the night away. That’s why our motto is: Own the day. Live the night.